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Welcome to the awe-inspiring and official web site of world famous Canadian Science Fiction novelist, aging author, boy genius, futurist, literary theorist, poète maudit, troubled visionary, and writer Mark A. Carter. Have I left anything out? Oh right ... and I'm handy too, which is a rarity among the so-called Literati. Ha.

I created this web site as a venue to share my anecdotes and to express my opinions about this, that, and the other or to otherwise rant. And, yes, I also created this web site to promote my books, essays, fiction, literature, novels, stories, tales, and tomes.

If you want to merely exist in your happy, happy, happy, censored, homogenized, and uninspired "Cloudcuckooland", a term coined by Aristophanes in 514 BCE, in his comedy The Birds, then stick your head in the sand elsewhere. Otherwise, this web site is sure to corrupt you with ideas. OMG. So, buckle up because my rants and ravings often go to Hell in a handcart. And if you read them, you are doomed to join me on the tormented downhill ride.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." - Edgar Allan Poe


It's all going to Hell in a handcart and man-bunned millennials are blindly steering the cart on its tormented downhill ride. Millennials are unable to pass the simple litmus test of manhood: to change a flat tire. What that spells for the future of humanity with these ersatz Eloi at the helm is destruction, devolution, and extinction.
Read:  Millennials, cell phones, groupthink, and a flat tire. - NEW

The fiftieth anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey is fast approaching. So, I thought I would revisit the film and give it my two cents worth. My overall reaction upon seeing 2001 again was that it didn't clearly explain what was going on. The film was in need of a remake. Chew on that blasphemy for a while. Read:  2001: A Space Odyssey - Revisited. - NEW

World famous Canadian Science Fiction novelist Mark A. Carter rants about Hurricane Harvey, the Houston deluge, and puts Windsor, Ontario flooding into perspective. Read:  Houston: we have a problem. - NEW

Amid the heated invective and rhetoric on both sides, world famous Canadian Science Fiction novelist Mark A. Carter rants about the realistic possibility of thermonuclear war with North Korea. Read:  Fail Safe or Strangelove? - NEW

I was extremely harsh in my February 06, 2015 review of the 2015 space opera Jupiter Ascending, directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski, and Grant Hill, and produced by Village Roadshow, as were so many other critics after its release. But upon seeing it again, I would like to comment on what works in the film and what doesn't. Read:  Jupiter Ascending - Revisited - NEW

I have reprinted a June, 2017 article by Robyn Arianrhod for your edification. It contemplates the role of faster-than-light particles called tachyons in the creation and in the destruction of universes. Read:  Tachyons and Big Bangs - NEW

I have reprinted yet another article by Zeeya Merali for your edification. This article is from May, 2015 but is so fantastic it begs to be republished. Am I the only person that questions reality? Maybe I do because I actually see an unknown code passing through my visual field while in the twilight state as I fall asleep and wake up that makes me wonder if, as in the 1982 Science Fiction film Tron, written and directed by Steven Lisberger, we aren't programs in some simulation who imagine we are real. Well, physicists don't know what so-called reality is either. Read:  What's really real? - NEW

I have reprinted a June, 2017 article by Zeeya Merali for your edification. It contemplates the possibility of playing God and creating a universe. Remember the hubris of the Frankenstein Motif. Oh my ... Read:  Create a New Universe - NEW

Since the sixties, like an insidious sword of Damocles, the specter of nuclear war has constantly hung over our heads. And I say: use 'em or lose 'em. Read:  Why we need Nuclear War. - NEW

"The Campaigne Against Sex Robots" is a reality despite the fact that Sex Robots have not, as yet, been developed. But that fact hasn't stopped "The Campaign" esthetically nor has it stopped me from ranting back literally. Read: Sex Robots - NEW

The pervailing idea in theoretical physics is that the universe is a hologram and I have been searching for a doorway out of this reality. Read: Hologram Universe - NEW

My current rant is about the cloudcuckooland of ex-president Obama, and the great climate change lie.
Read: Cloudcuckooland, Inferno, and Nineteen Eighty-Four. - NEW

It seems that recycling has raised its ugly head in my kitchen. Manufacturers have begun using recycled cans and modern can openers just don't work. It has driven me to the brink of madness. And where is my bayonet and sickle can opener ? It was thrown away to make room for the new.
Read: Cry Havoc and let slip the cans of apocalypse.

This Christmas, I received the most wonderful gift. My wife gave me the complete Person of Interest five season DVD set. The depiction of Artificial Super-Intelligence in POI got me thinking of other renditions of machine intelligence in Sci-Fi. And it inspired a new rant about Artificial Super-Intelligence, the Frankenstein motif, good and evil, simulation, and noise in the system.
Read: Artificial Super-Intelligence.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that, as of September 20, 2016, Hephzibah of Heaven, Thea of the Seraphim and Tellusian Seed are now available as Kindle eBooks.

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Go to my Book Store to purchase Hardcover and Trade Paperback editions of these novels.

Many of you have e-mailed me over the past year asking if I have I written a new novel. Thank you for your encouragement, enthusiasm, and praise. Sadly, the answer is no. I've done no new writing. But, then again, neither has Shakespeare. Apart from writing a few rants to entertain you, I have not begun a new novel. But, there is one coming. Rest assured. Something is definitely swirling around inside my head. For the time being, my web site ramblings will have to suffice.

I believe it is my obligation, as a so-called high priest of literature, to write well, to set an example of polished writing, amid the sea swell of swill out there on the internet. It is especially important nowadays, during this new literary dark age where semiliterate Neanderthals with attention deficit disorder scrawl their electronic one-liners with their thumbs replete with errors all over God's green Earth, and consider themselves published. Heaven help us all. And damned be the Devil that invented the exclamation point.

And yes, writing books is my full time job, and then some. How could it be anything but an obsession that occupies every waking and sleeping moment of my life? J'écris donc que je suis. For the uninitiated, that's a play on René Descartes' "I think therefore I am." Instead, I have written: "I write therefore I am." In other words, I would like to believe that my writing defines me.

I hope you find my web site anecdotes, opinions, rants, stories, and tales amusing. Feel free to link to any page of this web site from your own. Read my books and send me your feedback. Start a discussion group. Be inspired to look at the world differently. And spread the word, baby, about my rants, me, my books, and this web site, s'il vous plaît.

In case you've been comatose for a few years in St. Catharines, Ontario and have just awakened, or have been away for twenty years on a long sea voyage, or just arrived from a prolonged journey through space and time, get a grip. Today is .

There you go. I'm living the dream, baby.

WARNING:  If you proceed, you may be forced to think. It's not illegal ... yet.

I have written a little something for those of you who are needlessly condescending and obnoxious when you discover that I am a novelist. Really?
Read: Sycophants and arrogant diminishers.

And for those of you who think novel writing is easy, and you could do it too, I've written a wake up call.
Read: Tripping the Light Fantastic.

Let the fiction begin.

Now you know.

from the imagination of Mark A. Carter - novelist

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